Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Uh Oh!!! I may need therapy...

Hi, my name is Kimmi and I'm an addict... in-the-hoop embroidery addict! LOL I have started with ITH embroidery and I can't stop!!!

I bought my embroidery machine about 8 months ago and had only used it 3 or 4 times to do very menial projects. The fact is, I was afraid to mess up a project, to mess up my machine, afraid to try out all the features on my machine. I stuck to just a couple very simple patterns so I got bored with it very quickly. I used the excuse, it's too much trouble to get everything out to do one project, I don't have the right fabric I want to use, I don't have time... What a dummy!

I have one simple rule I have lived by my whole adult life: If we don't use something for 6 months it gets donated to Goodwill, a church, or someone else who can put it to good use, no matter the cost, or where it came from. * this rule stems from my mother being a hoarder all my life, which I hated, and still do.

So with this rule in mind, I thought if I got rid of a brand new embroidery machine, I would be wasting A LOT of money. I decided to get it out and put it to good use. I pushed myself through the fear of breaking it, of messing up and have tried so many different projects only to find SUCCESS!

I've done tee shirts, a pants suit for my grand daughter, a dress, dish towels, bath towels, coasters, and all the cute novelty items I have been posting. By far, my favorite type of project is the In-the-hoop ones! They are cute, fun, and so easy to stitch up. Just follow the patterns and you'll have a cute completed project in no time.

Here's some of the new shop items I made today:

Anyone who is afraid to try ITH embroidery, should really just GO FOR IT! and give it a try. I promise, you'll find at least one pattern you love.

Two of my favorite places to get ITH patterns is:
Embroidery Garden and Smart Needle Be sure to check these out.

Well, it's time for me to get some sleep so I can get up early and get some stitching in before Turkey Time!

Happy crafting and Happy Thanksgiving,
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snowman chapstick holder keychains

Aren't these just adorable?! 

They are chapstick/flash drive holders, which can also hold a bic lighter. I just have to wait for the glue to dry so I can punch the hole and add the keyring.

I made a bunch of these to add to my shop, and will be making others as well : Santa, Nurse, Cat, Penguin & Cupcake. I think they will go over well. I am also giving some of these for stocking stuffers this Christmas.

Tomorrow will be spent getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Crafting & Happy Thanksgiving,

Monday, November 25, 2013

Owl key chain credit card holders.

These little things are just so darn cute! They are not 100% finished (need to iron and add keyrings) but I just couldn't wait to share a sneak peek! 

I made a BIG dent in my scrap stash working on lots of these. Once I get them all ironed and the keyrings added I will post them in my Etsy shop for sale.  

Now for the fun stuff! I am trying to get my blog up and running with lots of followers, so I will be giving 1 of these away once I reach 50 followers. Please share this will all of your blogging friends.*I will also follow your blog in return.

Happy Crafting and Happy Thanksgiving
Sunday, November 24, 2013

Scrap Bustin!

I feel like I'm stuck in a bad movie every time I try to find some fabric to use! My fabric stash is small, yet there are so many scraps from quilting. When I try to find a small piece of fabric it turns into a huge ordeal that lasts too long. It's costing me valuable crafting time!!! What should take 5 minutes tops takes me a hour or more!

To remedy this nightmare of a fabric bin, I have decided to make a whole line of items for my Etsy shop using only scraps! I started on this project today and have put a small dent into the pile, but there's still a lot of work to do so I'm off to craft.

Happy crafting & Happy Holidays,

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Handmade items for sale in my Etsy shop.

These are the hand sewn items I have in stock on my opening day over at my Etsy Shop. Be sure to stop by and check them out. Also the items you see can be custom ordered to match your own taste.

Reversable Totes!

 Zipper Pouches!

Hope you enjoy what you see. I will be posting more items, including kids shirts, pants sets, and dresses throughout the next couple of weeks. 

Until next time,

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by my crafty little spot on the web. While I was sitting here pondering what I should share with you on this first post, it came to me... 
Here are my newest embroidery projects. They are completely customizable and are available for order in my Etsy Shop 

Candy Cane holder ornaments. Just add a candy cane and use the crook of the cane to hang it!

Sports team decorative toilet paper rolls. Comes wrapped in clear cellephane with coordinating ribbons.

Holiday decorative toilet paper rolls. Comes wrapped in clear cellophane with coordinating ribbons.

Comical decorative toilet paper rolls. Comes wrapped in clear cellophane with coordinating ribbons.

As you can see, the toilet paper rolls above are cute and perfect for any occasion or to just personalize your own bathroom. I can add just about anything you wish to them. 
Some ideas are: Mr. & Mrs., His, Hers, Guests, Happy Birthday, Happy 1st "paper" anniversary, fleur de lis,  kids characters, ect.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back often as I will be posting about twice a week to showcase new items, projects in progress, and just the happenings around my home studio. Until then, Kimmi